Erich - Listening comprehension and fluency

Ziel meiner zweiwöchigen 1:1 Tuition bei Terry war die Verbesserung meiner "listening comprehension" und meiner "fluency". In beiden Bereichen habe ich mich spürbar verbessern können. Die Atmosphäre bei Terry und seiner Frau Julia, die Unterkunft und Verpflegung waren ausgezeichnet. Ich habe mich bei Ihnen wohlgefühlt. Terry ist ein sehr guter Lehrer, der mich im Unterricht wie auch auf den Ausflügen ausgezeichnet mitnehmen konnte. Ich würde diesen Unterricht wieder buchen.

Irina - Business English

Ich möchte mich nochmals für die gute Organisation und Betreuung während des Kurses bedanken. Mein besonderer Dank gilt Christine und ihrem Mann Nick. Sie haben mich in Ihrem Haus wie ein Familienmitglied aufgenommen. Ich fühlte mich ab dem ersten Tag herzlich empfangen.
Der Unterricht war genau auf meine Bedürfnisse abgestimmt. Er beinhaltete Konversation, Grammatik, Leseverständnis sowie Vokabelarbeit. Ich konnte meine Kenntnisse aber auch mein Motivation im Anschluss „weiter zu machen" wesentlich steigern.
Am meisten haben mir die unterschiedlichen Training Locations gefallen, die wir abhängig vom Wetter auswählten. So waren Cafe Besuche, Strand Picknicks oder Kinobesuche dabei sowie das Highlight ein Ausflug auf das Land.
Nochmals herzlichen Dank und beste Grüsse

Tommaso - General English

A huge thankyou to Raymond for organizing my wonderful stay. The time with my teacher's family was beautiful! Together with the customized lessons, I could learn about English culture. A really nice stay- I would highly recommend it to everyone. Now I feel really ready to implement my new knowledge to use English in everyday life.

Roland - Business English

Homestay learning is the best and most effective way of learning English for every businessman and businesswoman. I lived and studied in the home of my teacher in Brighton and only spoke the English language. It was top! Even today I am in contact with my teacher and we talk in English with SKYPE. This is a very good method to speak the English. Brighton is a very wonderful city and I will go back next spring. As a businessman I can fully recommend ACORN (cooperation partner of English Gallery) as a very good and reputable partner.

Irene - Exam preparation

What is the best way to prepare for an IELTS test? Go to an English spoken country and live with a family for a couple of days and you will improve your speaking and listening skills dramatically. At least that was my hope! So I went and had 15x 1:1 lessons with Ray, working on my language weaknesses. The advantage of homestay learning is: the lesson never ends. No matter if you have lunch together or enjoy a picnic in a park, your vocab enlarges all the time. And your speaking skills might even get better by a shared evening in the pub! Now I got the IELTS grade I needed to begin my Masters course in London this autumn and a beautiful screensaver picture from my visit to the Seven Sisters National Park.

Andrea - English for Teachers

A good knowledge of the English language is an indispensible tool for people working in the fields of education or research. For this reason, I decided it was time to improve my English. Even though my reading skills are mid-upper intermediate, my listening and speaking skills were only elementary and pre-intermediate respectively. The course was very helpful as I learned a lot more about how English sounds are pronounced. I interacted with my teacher and her family in English and I have begun to feel more familiar with the sounds of spoken English that were previously unknown to me. I also enjoyed listening to English television and discussing news items. I will recommend Acorn (cooperation partner English Gallery) to my colleagues.

Evelyn and Yvonne - Young Learners

We were for two weeks near by Brighton in a English family to learn English. We lived in a English small house by us teacher Nikki and her husband and her Babby. At beginning it was very strange. The house, the family, the new language and the country, but after two weeks we learned lots of new things. In the morning we had always school for three hours. Nikki is a very good English teacher, for us the best. Always we made lots of exercise and games. One day we cooked for Nikki a Swiss meal and another day she cooked for us a English meal. It was very good. Nikki is very nice and lovely.We think it is the best way to learn English.